Emerging Leaders Delegation to Nareshwadi

  • Curriculum

    Nareshwadi School is a government recognized Marathi medium school running from grade 1 to 10.

    We follow the Maharashtra state board curriculum. In order to provide a holistic education to students, co and extracurricular activities are part of their regular school day, such as music, sports, Warli Painting, garment making, plumbing, etc…

    As our children come from agricultural families, the school focuses on teaching agriculture to all children to preserve their roots. Cultivation of banana, moringa, hena are taken as whole class projects.

  • Pedagogy

    We believe in learning from each other, manifested in the way lessons are designed to facilitate peer leaning.

    • The school uses activity-based learning methodologies, and teachers and students have access to audio visual teaching learning principles.
    • Nareshwadi school also provides a library of about 6000 books, with a section for a toy library.
    • A computer lab, equipped with 30 computers, is also available for the learning of our students with an add on of English Learning Software as well.